Monday, 08 February 2016
    A Case Study in Success

    A Case Study in Success


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    Dear {subtag:name},

    You’ve heard me talk a lot lately about growing my business and the success we have had. I want to share with you how I am accomplishing this and introduce you to the driving force behind my success.

    My mentor has created a case study, which you can read below, on my situation in an effort to build awareness of his business and I feel SO strongly about how much its helped me I felt you needed a personal introduction. So please, take a moment and read my case study, and if you are at all interested in talking about how you can join me in my quest for world domination, give me a call!

    Yours truly,

    Greyson Schwing

    PS – just so you know, since October 2012 I have TRIPLED my gross sales, and increased my staff from 1 full time to 4 full time employees! Yes, its working THAT WELL!

    A four-year-old web design company TRIPLES its sales in 90 days

    As business owners and salespeople, we are always searching for the magic formula that will dramatically increase our sales and profits. Here is one person’s journey to rapid growth.

    Starting Point

    Antelope Web has been in business for four years. It is a successful web design company, but I wanted to take it to the next level. To accomplish this, I needed an influx of cash, additional capacity, and new marketing strategies in order to increase the number and type of opportunities I could handle.

    To facilitate the company’s growth, I hired Art Radtke, a successful business coach and owner of Informed Entrepreneur, an online business magazine.


    Following a review of Antelope Web’s strengths, together, Art and I developed a plan to maximize the company’s reputation in its marketplace. It included strengthening the company’s relationships with existing clients, implementing a new client process to enhance the customer experience, and improving the website production process.

    We then developed a new approach to creating strategic relationships using the concept of “building a network,” instead of “networking.” Once the new system was designed, we began to systemize the process.


    In the second month of this new system, Antelope Web experienced its best month ever. At the three-month mark, the business had doubled its income, and in six months, income tripled. To handle the additional business, the company increased its staff size by 66% and is looking to add additional staff. Workflow around website production was systemized, removing many of the challenges surrounding delivery, and the number of raving fans is increasing.

    Summertime has historically been slow for this business—but not this year! As of July 15, Antelope Web sold more websites than it had in the last four Julys combined—and accomplished this while I was on a 10-day vacation with my family.

    See For Yourself

    To speak to me about Antelope Web websites, or my journey, contact me at 203-283-7466 or

    To discover how you can experience this type of success, contact Art Radtke for a complimentary discovery session at or 757-560-4640.

    Not interested any more?
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