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for Growing Businesses
Dear Visitor,

Please read this email thoroughly. This is an opportunity for growth. In 2013 I hired a business coach. His name is Art Radtke. (Art used to be the owner of multiple BNI franchises.) The growth in my business was massive. I went from one employee and doing around $100K in gross revenue to 4 employees doing almost $425K! This was a fourfold increase in just a few short months.

Art developed a training course called “Double You Income in 90 Days”, using the very principles that I used to accelerate my business last year. He has now put together a ANTELOPE-SPECIFIC 90-day training. It will be a live training, that is interactive with homework. If you don’t do the homework, you won’t succeed. It will be on Monday afternoons, around 2:00 p.m. eastern time. It will start Monday March 10th.

Now here is the best news. The cost to be part of the training is $39.95 per month! And there is NO contract. You can take this course and any of the other courses that Art provides for as long as you want and have access to the full website for $39.95 per month! (This is called Level 9 Training. A Level 9 Business is one that will grow even when you are not there!)

As a business coach, Art charges between $600 and $2,000 per month. This often requires a 1 year contract. The cost is worth it considering the results, I have paid it gladly. I realize that some people will not be willing to invest even the $600 per month so I have worked out an alternative for you all that, I must say, is extraordinary.

Here is the catch. I need people that are committed. I need people that are willing to do the homework. And I need people to sign up TODAY. Just click on this link and Subscribe to Monthly Level 9 Online Membership. Then email me to let me know you have subscribed. I will send out a specific invite for the ANTELOPE tranings.

Summary: Level 9 ANTELOPE Training

                No Contract

                $39.95 / month

                Continue as long as you want

                Access to other business trainings

                Full access to website

                Cancel any time

I hope you will join me. Art has graciously opened this training up to other businesses as well. If you know others that would benefit, please let them know.

Thank you again for a wonderful year, and I hope to see you soon!

Yours truly,
Greyson Schwing, and all of us at Antelope Web
Art Radtke has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners achieve successes they never dreamed they could have.  If you would like a dream experience like we  have experienced here at Antelope Web, contact us  203-283-7466 to arrange a personal introduction to Art Radtke.  It changed my life and business!

– Greyson

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