How do you create a momentum for a 2013 when 2012 didn’t end as profitable as desired? We suggest taking a look at your current communication efforts and seeing where you can improve. Ask yourself, when is the last time I sent out a press release or even picked up the phone to thank a client? In this age of digital media we are so focused on crafting brilliant social media blasts in 140 characters or less that we lose sight of the tried and true marketing tools. Here are some suggestions using traditional methods to increase your momentum in 2013.

  • Send out a newsletter. Set a goal this year to send out a least a quarterly newsletter (preferably once a month) to update your customers on new technologies for or enhancements to your business and to give them relevant tips. We promise that your clients will appreciate hearing from you.
  • Advertise in the newspaper. Remember the newspaper? Believe it or not a large percentage of people still read the paper in the morning, especially commuters, and posting an ad in the paper may help you reach a new market.
  • Send out press releases. Facebook alerts are a great way to quickly update your followers, but for a more in-depth announcement a press release still can’t be beat.
  • Stay in contact with clients. Regular communication will inspire confidence in your clients, so pick up the phone and check in!

2013 is a great opportunity for you to start incorporating traditional communication methods into your larger marketing effort. Take the time to broaden your communication horizon and I think you will be surprised with the results.