Not Net-Eat, not Net-Facebook during the meeting. I read a great article yesterday that talked about how what you do says alot about how you network.

Here’s what I mean. Jimmy is in a leads group, or a BNI, or some civic based organization…

  • Jimmy reads his email on his phone and sends txt messages during the meeting.
  • Jimmy gets up to take that call, instead of pressing ignore.
  • Jimmy chats with the person next to you about how bad Greg’s golf swing was last week.
  • Jimmy doodles or sit and stare off into space as though deep in thought.

These are sure signs that someone isn’t fully invested in a meeting or networking opportunity. Do you feel comfortable investing a lot of time in tring to network with Jimmy? Of course not, so before you take that call or send that text or lean ofer and make that comment, think about Jimmy’s example. Do you want your group members thinking that about you?

Networking is a combination of go-get-em-ness, good manners, careful listening, and extreme followup. Alot of people get on a treadmill of looking for networking opportunities and never quite get around to doing the actual work of the equation which is sitting down with someone who shares your common prospect pool and figuring out how to get them some good, solid referrals that can turn into business. Forget about yourself for a minute and really focus on helping your network, and the rest just takes care of itself. Make an effort to contribute somehting useful to the group and it will come back to you in spades.

Speaking of Networking… I have a really solid group of trusted businesses that I work closely with in Milford and the surrounding areas. If you need something done personally or in business, consider calling me, I have a great network of people who love to make connections and have a real passion for helping out small businesses.

Conversely, I have a need that perhaps one of you, dear readers, may be able to help me with. Do you know a trustworthy automotive repair shop? Have a good mechanic that perhaps needs a website done. I have a great barter opportunity for an enterprising auto shop that needs a marketing make-over, or needs to establish a footprint in the local search market. How’s your network look? 😉