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5 Ways My Fractional CMO Can Help Your Business Succeed

Many small business owners wonder how they can add more quality traffic to their digital marketing streams. This is a fair question, because they have to juggle not only the day to day operations and production of their companies but also try to squeeze in time to market their services. Most small businesses maintain only the minimum number of staff they must have in order to deliver their goods and services to the general public. For these businesses, hiring a fractional CMO firm can assist them in gaining high-potential traffic with a much greater chance of become purchasing customers. Here are five ways in which a fractional CMO can help your business succeed.

1. Time Is Money.

Most small businesses do not have the time or the budget to engage a full-time Chief Marketing Officer or CMO. Because of this, they often miss out on potential opportunities to engage new clients and enhance ties with existing ones. My Fractional CMO is different from a traditional CMO because they work as consultants with companies to cover the gaps in digital media that many companies do not realize are present. These gaps can lead to a lot of wasted time and misdirected effort, and it is My Fractional CMO’s task to fill those gaps.

2. Targeted, directed traffic gets results.

An exemplar company has a website, blog, Facebook and Twitter account, to which they post semi-regular updates. They also have an email list users can opt into. The trouble with this is that the company is not using their resources to target traffic, but simply throwing their message into the ether and hoping something comes of it. My Fractional CMO has the know-how and experience to help companies target their message at the people who need it most: their potential clients.

3. Save money and keep staffing costs down.

To obtain all the tools the exemplar company would need to keep pace with changing search engine algorithms, digital technologies, and rules changes for social networking would cost thousands of dollars. Adding a dedicated CMO to the operation would add a median of $99,000 per year. Very few small businesses can afford this kind of outlay, which is one reason fractional CMO has become so popular. Instead of bringing in one person and all the tools they need, a small business can engage My Fractional CMO for a small fraction of that cost and obtain all the benefits of having a CMO without the expense.

4. Wide knowledge beats narrow focus.

A dedicated CMO should have a wide range of knowledge and innovative ideas for bringing a company’s ideas to the public in the best possible light. However, many CMOs work with only one or a handful of companies who do largely the same thing, resulting in a form of tunnel vision. My Fractional CMO is different because they work with a broad array of clients in different small business formats, allowing them to think outside the box and apply proven strategies that help funnel buyers, not browsers, into the business’s reach.

5. Harnessing digital marketing avenues takes more than a Facebook page.

Many businesses believe their marketing efforts begin and end at their Facebook page. In virtually no case is this accurate. Nearly every successful business uses Facebook as a point of initial contact, but whether by accident or design they also use other methods of reaching out to potential clients. One of the first things My Fractional CMO does is examine a company’s current digital marketing and work out what they are doing well, what could be improved upon, and what will not work and why. This helps identify the gaps in the marketing scheme and permits My Fractional CMO to work more efficiently by looking at the gaps and how to fill them, not reinventing the wheel in areas where a company’s marketing is doing well.

My Fractional CMO is not concerned with simply boosting traffic, however. Just about anyone can do that organically. The objective is to increase traffic that is likely to purchase a company’s product or service, which is a very different matter. My Fractional CMO targets high-potential browsers in order to draw them into the company’s sphere of influence. They believe it is not enough to simply get lots of traffic running through a website if no one is buying.

A small business would spend thousands of dollars getting one person to do everything My Fractional CMO can. With an experienced staff and ready access to the best and latest marketing tools available, they can help virtually any business increase their profile and their profitability. Contact Antelope Web for a consultation today, to learn how engaging a fractional CMO firm can help your business succeed.