We’ve already talked about the design challenges that can come up when you try to build your own website. In your mind, so long as there’s a web page that has your basic information on it, why would your visitors want anything else? But, as we know, today’s internet-based customers demand more; much more. A site owner that doesn’t pay close attention to the design of their site may be doing their business more harm than good.

But, there are other pitfalls to running your own website and some of them can be severe. The next time you think about taking on the responsibility of your global web presence, ask yourself what you would do in these situations.

Your Host Has Gone Out of Business

You log on to your computer in the morning and bring up your website, only to find that it’s not there. You try refreshing the page; same thing. Thinking that maybe it’s just a small hiccup with your hosting provider, you decide to wait for 10 minutes and then try again. Same thing.

So you go to your host’s support site to get their phone number or put in a ticket. Their site is down as well. You remember that you called them a month ago about an issue so you pull out your phone and start scrolling through all of your sent calls. Finally finding them, you dial the number and receive a message that the number is no longer in service.

They have gone out of business, seemingly overnight, and you no longer have a website. What do you do?

Your Site Was Hacked

The phones are ringing off the hook. Irrate customers are calling and shouting about the grotesque images being displayed on your homepage. One woman’s seven-year old can be heard crying in the background. Panicked, you bring up your site only to find that your once family-friendly e-commerce site has been replaced by some of the worst that the internet has to offer.

Customers are vowing never to do business with you again. Some are threatening to have the local police show up at your door. More than one has mentioned that, since going to your site, the anti-virus on their own computer has been going ballistic.

Not only is your site causing problems for your visitors but these were people that were planning on spending money with you. You are losing money every second.

What do you do?

Dropped From Google Results

You’ve seen a number of posts on tech sites about an algorithm change coming out of Google in the near future. It’s predicted to have a significant impact on sites working in the housing and finance space, which just happens to be your business.

Being a semi-savvy site owner, you’ve kept up to date on how your site ranks against your competitors and you smile every time you Google a particular phrase and see your site on the screen.

A day after the change rolls out you Google your trusty phrase, only to be left wondering where your site is in the listings. You click to the next page. And the next. And the next.

After searching through fifteen pages of Google search results you still haven’t seen your site.

Organic traffic accounted for more than 80% of your sales. What do you do?

You Need Experts on Your Side

We wouldn’t blame you if pondering any of these scenarios gives you a little bit of a restless night tonight. Any one of them could be devastating to the business you have worked so hard to build.

Don’t leave the future of your business tied to the hope that nothing will ever break on your website. Technology being what it is, there is always the chance that, at some point, you are going to need the help of experts to put you back in business after a technical glitch knocks you offline.

When every second counts, do you know how you’d respond in a crisis? If you have any doubts in your mind about answering that question with a resounding and confident “yes!” then give us a call. We’ll craft and implement a crisis response plan for you that puts your mind at ease and ensures that, in the event of technical difficulties, you’re back up and running as quickly as humanly possible.